Pharmacy Technician Certification Pretest

#1 You have received a script that reads 2gtt OU BID. What will the label placed on the patients packaging read?

A. Two drops in both ears two times daily.

B. Two drops in both eyes two times daily.

C. Two drops in right ear three times a day.

D. Two drops in left eye two times daily. Abbreviations


#2 What would 25°C be in F°?

A. 17°F

B. 50°F

C. 77°F

D. 102°F


#3 A 14 year old boy is 5'2" and he weights 110 lbs. He's prescribed by his doctor to take 5mg/Kg of drug "A" daily. What will his dose be?

A. 1200mg

B. 1250mg

C. 150mg

D. 250mg


#4 What is C C X L equal to?

A. 2540

B. 265

C. 2040

D. 240 Roman Numerals


#5 Mrs. McTarnahan is picking up an order of drug "T" #100 tablets which costs her $122.00. While you're ringing up her order, she asks "How much does each tablet cost?" What is she being charged for each tablet?

A. $.12

B. $1.22

C. $12.20

D. $.012


#6 Which regulatory agency would initiate a class II recall on a prescription drug ?




D. FDIC Drug Recall Definitions


#7 In larger institutions, a system for distributing (non-STAT) prescription drugs and equipment to all of the patients is used. The system is called a cart exchange, and the pharmacy is responsible for overseeing the filling of the orders. A cart exchange in a hospital usually takes place every:

A. 12 Hours

B. 6 Hours

C. 24 Hours

D. 48 Hours


#8 What is 2.5 ounces equal to in mL?

A. 75mL

B. 250mL

C. 50mL

D. 750mL


#9 Which DEA schedule contains substances with the least potential for abuse ?

A. Sch. 1

B. Sch. 4

C. Sch. 5

D. Sch. 2 DEA Schedules


#10 A script for Zolpidem will expire after ______ and may have up to ________ refills.

A. 6 Months, No Refills

B. 12 Months, 1 year of Refills

C. 12 Months, No Refills

D. 6 months, 5 Refills Prescription Expiration ________________________________________

#11 A script for cough syrup reads 15ml PO Q4° PRN. What should you type on the patients packaging ? A.

A spoonful taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

B. One teaspoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

C. One tablespoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

D. 15ml taken orally every 4 hours as needed. Abbreviations ________________________________________

#12 Which is not true about HIPAA ?

A. Helps insure patient privacy.

B. Prevents health care fraud and abuse.

C. Regulates the use and disclosure of patient information.

D. Helps to decrease the rate of errors in pharmacy. ________________________________________

#13 A pharmacy can order DEA Sch. 3 drugs from their wholesaler:

A. Using a standard invoice.

B. Using a credit memo.

C. Using a DEA Form 222.

D. Only with guaranteed funds.


#14 With which class of FDA recall is there is a potential for serious injury or death?

A. Class 1

B. Class 2

C. Class 3

D. Class 4 Drug recall definitions


#15 An eight year old boy weights 75 Lbs. The adult dosage of Drug C is 400mg. The child's dosage using Clark's rule is:

A. 100mg

B. 150mg

C. 200mg

D. 250mg Dosage calculations


#16 Dr. G. Acosta has a practice in Delaware and received her DEA number in 1988. What will the two letters in her DEA number prefix be ?




D. AD DEA number verification


#17 Which size of needle has the largest diameter ?

A. 18 Gauge

B. 16 Gauge

C. 20 Gauge

D. 14 Gauge


#18 What is the primary function / use for Rosiglitazone ?

A. Anti-Convulsant

B. Hypertension

C. Anti-Diabetic

D. Proton Pump Inhibitor Top 200 drugs


#19 A ___________ distributes HEPA filtered air into a work area to maintain a sterile environment.

A. Clean-room Fan

B. Laminar Flow Hood

C. Class 100 Air-fan

D. Micron filter fan


#20 How many tablespoons are in 16oz. ?

A. 16

B. 24

C. 12

D. 32


#21 A patient weights 218 Lbs. What is their weight in Kg ?

A. 479Kg

B. 109Kg

C. 409Kg

D. 99Kg


#22 What regulatory agency would be responsible for the approval of a new anti-anxiety drug similar to Diazepam.






#23 What concentration of a sodium chloride (NaCL) solution would be Hypertonic ?

A. 0.009%

B. 0.090%

C. 0.900%

D. 9.000% Tonicity


#24 Which type of insulin has the shortest onset period? (the length of time to reach the bloodstream)

A. Ultra-Lente

B. Lente


D. Regular


#25 Dr. Dalk has a dental practice in Smiley, Texas. What should the final number be in his DEA number given the first 8 characters of AD380410_?

A. 8

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5 DEA number verification


#26 Benazepril is classified as a :

A. Beta Blocker

B. ACE Inhibitor

C. Calcium Channel Blocker

D. Diuretic Top 200 Drugs


#27 You receive a prescription that reads: Restoril® 15mg PRN HS #30. What instructions will likely appear on the customers packaging ?

A. 1 tablespoon at bedtime as needed.

B. Take 1 capsule at bedtime as needed.

C. Take 30 minutes before bedtime with food.

D. Take 1 capsule as directed with food. Sig code abbreviations ________________________________________

#28 You receive a prescription for 15g of a topical steroid cream containing a 12% concentration. Your pharmacy only has 10% and 15% concentrations. How much of each can you combine to fill this prescription ?

A. 6g of 15% + 9g of 10%

B. 10g of 10% + 5g of 15%

C. 8g of 10% + 7g of 15%

D. 12g of 10% + 3g of 15% Alligation math


#29 Your pharmacy has a 40% markup and $1.75 dispensing fee. The wholesale price for 10 sildenafil is $120.00, what will the retail price be?

A. $201.75

B. $188.50

C. $169.75

D. $125.75


#30 Which of these drugs is a Beta Blocker?

A. Lisinopril

B. Amlodipine

C. Valsartan

D. Metoprolol Top 200 drugs


#31 A preparation consisting of solid particles dispersed throughout a liquid is called:

A. Syrup

B. Emulsion

C. Suspension

D. Elixir Dosage forms


#32 The reference list of approved drug products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is called:

A. RX Master List

B. Orange Book

C. TE Ratings Book

D. MSDS Sheets


#33 The drug Lorazepam is a:




D. DEA Sch V Top 100 Drugs


#34 The Sig for "Right Ear" is:




D. AS Abbreviations


#35 To prepare a prescription you need to measure 2.75oz. You have the following graduated cylinders available. Which would be the best cylinder to use for accuracy ?

A. 75ml

B. 100ml

C. 125ml

D. 150ml


#36 Custom mixing of drugs from various available products to fit the unique needs of a patient is known as:

A. Amalgamation

B. Concocting

C. Compounding

D. Mixology


#37 Which is incorrect?

A. 554 = DLIV

B. 122 = CXXII

C. 264 = CCLXIV

D. 159 = CLVIIII Roman numerals


#38 A patient is allergic to alcohol. Which of the following should they not use?

A. Syrup

B. Suspension

C. Elixir

D. Insulin Dosage forms


#39 00006-0951-54 is the NDC code for Losartan 25mg #90. What does the middle series of numbers 0951 represent ?

A. Product / Formula

B. Manufacturer

C. Drug Class

D. Package / Quantity


#40 A drug patent gives its inventor the exclusive rights to manufacture and market a drug. The patent lasts ___ years, and that period begins ______________.

A. 10 years, upon FDA approval.

B. 10 years, upon original filing.

C. 20 years, upon FDA approval.

D. 20 years, upon original filing. New drug application (NDA) ________________________________________

#41 Mr. Tee is a customer at your retail pharmacy. He has prescription drug coverage through his employer. When he picks up his prescription he must pay a portion of the price known as a ____________.

A. Premium

B. Deductible

C. Waiver

D. Co-Pay answer key - in new window answer key - in this window ________________________________________

#42 Which of these temperatures would be within Controlled / Room Temperature standards? A. 86°F

B. 20°C

C. 38°F

D. 65°C


#43 A physician orders an IV drip of a mixture at a rate of 25ml/hr for 20/hr. What volume of fluid will be needed ?

A. 500mg

B. 0.5L

C. 1.0L

D. 1.5L IV Dosage calculations


#44 How many teaspoons are in one ounce?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 6

D. 8 Measurements and conversions


#45 You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil® 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. How many tablets are needed to fill this order ?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40


#46 You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil® 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. Which of these is most likely their condition

A. Urinary Tract Infection

B. Hypertension

C. Staph Infection

D. Acid Reflux


#47 At your retail pharmacy a customers order totals $22.34. They pay with two $20 bills. The most appropriate change would be :

A. (3)Fives (2)ones (2)Quarters (1)Dime (1)Nickel (2)Penny

B. (1)Ten (1)Five (2)ones (1)Quarter (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny

C. (1)Ten (7)ones (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny

D. (1)Ten (1)Five (2)ones (2)Quarters (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny ________________________________________

#48 Which form of Diabetes is Insulin Dependent ?

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hyperglycemia

C. Type I Diabetes

D. Type II Diabetes


#49 Which FDA recall is the least severe ?

A. Class IV

B. Class III

C. Class II

D. Class I FDA recall definitions


#50 The acronym APAP is used for:

A. Aspirin

B. Urgently

C. Acetaminophen

D. None of the above


#51 A dosage form that dissolves when held between the cheek and gum is called a:

A. Sublingual

B. Buccal

C. Enteric Coated

D. Pouch Dosage forms


#52 Which of the following must be used to clean a Laminar Flow Hood ?

A. Ammonia Sulfate

B. Chlorine Bleach

C. Aseptic Iodine

D. Isopropyl Alcohol


#53 The abbreviation PC means:

A. Before Meals

B. After Meals

C. Parenteral Calculaton

D. Potassium Chloride Abbreviations


#54 Generic Drugs can be substituted for Brand name drugs:

A. Only if the script is marked D.A.W.

B. Whenever the Patient / Customer wants them.

C. If the pharmacy is low on brand name drugs.

D. Only if the prescriber allows it.


#55 Your store retails a 30 ct. bottle of Ibuprofen for $1.99. The wholesale cost to the store is $1.00. What is the markup percent ?

A. 82%

B. 75%

C. 99%

D. 49% Percentage math


#56 A _________ protects a drugs brand name from unauthorized use.

A. Trademark

B. Patent

C. Copyright

D. Generic Name


#57 Which DEA Sch. contains drugs that have very high abuse potential and are not usually used as medication ?

A. DEA Sch. V

B. DEA Sch. IV

C. DEA Sch. II

D. DEA Sch. I DEA Schedules


#58 Which is a solution that has been sweetened for better ease of use?

A. Elixir

B. Syrup

C. Suspension

D. Tincture


#59 Which would not be a violation of HIPAA ?

A. Not giving a new patient a notice of privacy disclosure.

B. Pharm. techs gossiping with a patient about a patients medication.

C. Medicaid patient not being offered counseling on a new Medication.

D. Releasing a patients records to an unauthorized party. ________________________________________

#60 Which medication is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements ?

A. Nitroglycerine

B. Paroxetine

C. Clonidine

D. Tolterodine


#61 Which of the following drugs would not be used to treat seizures ?

A. Topamax

B. Depakote

C. Lamictal

D. Tramadol


#62 1 Lbs is equal to:

A. 12oz

B. 2.2kg

C. 454g

D. 1200mL


#63 The drug name Oxycontin® is an example of a:

A. Chemical Name

B. Brand Name

C. Generic Name

D. Street Name Top 200 drugs


#64 Which phase of the FDA new drug application involves double-blind, placebo controlled trials to demonstrate that it actually works and involves hundreds or thousands of patients?

A. Phase I

B. Phase II

C. Phase III

D. Phase IV FDA new drug application process ________________________________________

#65 Water freezes at 0°C and Boils at 100°C. What temperature in Farenheit will water freeze and boil?

A. 14°F, 325°F

B. 32°F, 212°F

C. 29°F, 180°F

D. 10°F, 177°F


#66 The fraction ¾ is equal to:

A. .750

B. .660

C. 7.500

D. .075 Pharmacy math - fractions


#67 How many ML of active ingredient are in 1.5 Liter of a 17.5% solution?

A. 525.0

B. 375.5

C. 325.0

D. 262.5


#68 The FDA publication of Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations is called:

A. Merck Manual

B. Scut Monkey drug Manual

C. Orange Book

D. Micromedex


#69 You have been asked to dilute and repackage 1 Liter of a 20% solution into 1 pint bottles of 5% solution. How many bottles will you be able to fill?

A. 8

B. 4

C. 10

D. 5 Press Play = How to do this one


#70 Which drug would be used for athletes foot:

A. Ranitidine

B. Fluconazole

C. Tamsulosin

D. Sildenafil


#71 A drug class that causes a natural biological action to NOT occur is called :

A. Inhibitor

B. Prohibitor

C. Antagonist

D. Agonist Drug class definitions


#72 Which dosage form would ensure the best bio-availability ?






#73 A patient is at your store buying a glucose monitor. The item sells for $69.99. After tax their total is $75.94. What is the tax rate ?

A. 8.5

B. 7.5

C. 8.0

D. 7.0 Percentage math


#74 A patient presents a prescription for Ibandronate 150mg #3. Your pharmacy has a 35% markup and $5.66 dispensing fee. The wholesale price is $15.70 per tab. What will the retail price be for this prescription of 3 tablets.

A. $63.59

B. $47.10

C. $52.76

D. $69.25


#75 A rolling cabinet at a hospital which is used to dispense emergency medication is commonly called a :

A. EMS Cart

B. Stash Cart

C. Crash Cart

D. Blue Cart Here's the answer


#76 Which drug is not DEA controlled ?

A. Phentermine

B. Prozac

C. Lunesta

D. Valium Top 200 drugs


#77 The decision to add new medications to a hospitals formulary are usually made by :

A. Drug Company Representatives

B. Board of Physicians

C. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

D. Hospital General Manager


#78 Which of the following would be a violation of OBRA ?

A. Releasing a patients records to unauthorized parties.

B. Not offering a medicaid patient counseling on a new drug prescribed.

C. Accidently allowing a refill on a DEA Sch. II drug.

D. Filling a prescription for a medicaid patient with expired stock. ________________________________________

#79 Dr. Patel has prescribed Ms. Jones some antibacterial drops to treat Conjunctivitis. The directions are 2-3gtt OD QID. What will need to be typed on the label ?

A. Use 2-3 Drops in right eye four times daily.

B. Use 2-3 Drops in right ear four times daily.

C. Use 2-3 Drops in left eye four times daily.

D. Use 2-3 Drops in left ear four times daily. Abbreviations ________________________________________

#80 Which of the following drugs is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements.

A. Varenicline

B. Topiramate

C. Pregabalin

D. Nitroglycerin


#81 Dr. Diaco has prescribed your customer a drug order for the following: Methylprednisolone 10mg tabs 40mg QD x2D 30mg QD X3D 20mg QD X4D 10mg QD X5D How many tablets should be dispensed?

A. 120

B. 100

C. 75

D. 30


#82 A customer has dropped off a prescription order for Lotensin® (Benazepril). Which of the following conditions does our customer most likely need this for?

A. Epilepsy

B. Type II diabetes

C. Hypertension

D. Ear infection Drug class definitions


#83 Your retail pharmacy sells products at: 45% markup over wholesale + a set dispensing fee of $4. A customer brings in a script for: Vardenafil 5mg, The total retail cost at pickup for the 10 tablets is $149.00. What is your pharmacy's wholesale cost per/each tablet ?

A. $14.50

B. $10.00

C. $18.85

D. $14.90


#84 You have been asked by the pharmacist to prepare 3 liters of a 30% strength solution. Your pharmacy stocks the active ingredient in 8 ounce bottles of 70% strength. How many bottles of the active ingredient will you need to open to complete this request? (Hint - here's how to do this one )

A. 14

B. 10

C. 6

D. 3


#85 A 600mL IV solution is to be given over a 5 hour period. Which of the flow rates below would need to be used.

A. 2.0mL/min

B. 2.5mL/min

C. 3.0mL/min

D. 3.5mL/min IV Dosage calculations


#86 An 8 year old boy is 138 centimeters tall and weighs 34 Kilograms. The adult dosage of his prescribed medication is 400mg. Using clark's rule, what would the dosage for the boy be ?

A. 160mg

B. 200mg

C. 240mg

D. 300mg Pediatric dosage calculations


#87 Mr. Bill Foldes is a regular customer at your pharmacy. Today he brought in a new prescription for Oxycontin®. The script is from Dr. Bender and his DEA number is BB5274636. The script is dated December 17th of last year and today is April 21st. The prescription allows 5 refills. Under the circumstances, how many fills will Mr. Foldes receive ?

A. 1 Today + 1 Refill

B. 0 Today + 0 Refill

C. 1 Today + 2 Refill

D. 1 Today + 0 Refill


#88 Which of the DEA Schedules are Benzodiazepines listed in ?

A. DEA Sch V





#89 A patient at your hospital is prescribed: Drug Xt® 2mg/kg TID. Her chart shows she weighs 110 lbs. How many mg per day will she receive.

A. 100mg

B, 200mg

C. 300mg

D. 400mg PTCB practice questions answer key ________________________________________

#90 A customer walks in to your pharmacy and wants to buy a blood pressure monitor. They've chosen one that retails for $79.99. Today is senior Tuesday and your customer is eligible for a 15% discount on the unit. What will the final price be after the discount and 5.0% sales tax are applied ?

A. $71.39

B. $69.97

C. $72.01

D. $71.50


#91 A drug developer invented a new drug in their lab in 1994. They applied for a patent for it in late 1995. They were awarded the patent in 1996. In 2009, the FDA approved the drug for sale and distribution in the US. What year will the patent expire for this drug?

A. 2029

B. 2014

C. 2016

D. 2015 FDA new drug application (NDA) page ________________________________________

#92 Alcohol intolerance can cause immediate, unpleasant reactions after the patient consumes alcohol. Which dosage form would not be recommended to a patient with an allergy to alcohol ?

A. Suspension

B. Elixir

C. Syrup

D. Emulsion Dosage forms


#93 A new product has arrived to your pharmacy. The storage requirements on the label read: Store at 1.5°C - 3.3°C. Where would you store them ?

A. Room temperature

B. Refrigerator

C. Freezer

D. Incubator


#94 A prescription order reads: 2 Tabs TID X28D How many tablets will be dispensed ?

A. 56

B. 112

C. 168

D. 140


#95 1 liter of a solution contains 5 Grams of a drug. How much would be present in 750ml of that solution ?

A. 3750mg

B. 1500mg

C. 2750mg

D. 4000mg Proportions math


#96 A 7 year old girl weighs 27 Kilograms. The adult dosage of the drug she has been prescribed is 500mg. Using Young's rule, what will the dosage be for her ?

A. 125mg

B. 160mg

C. 185mg

D. 200mg Pediatric dosages


#97 Angiotensin II is a very potent chemical that causes muscles surrounding blood vessels to contract, thereby narrowing blood vessels. Which of the following is an Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker (A2RB):

A. Enalapril

B. Diazepam

C. Rosuvastatin

D. Valsartan Generic drug suffixes


#98 The metric system is an international decimalised system of measurement, which is used by virtually every country in the world for both household and scientific applications. However, the metric system is not commonly used in the United States (outside of chemistry). How many milligrams are in 1 kilogram ?

A. 1,000,000

B. 100,000

C. 10,000

D. 1,000 Measurements and conversions


#99 While rotating stock you notice an expiration date on a bottle that reads 08/13. What is the last day that product may be used ?

A. July 31, 2013

B. August 1, 2013

C. August 31, 2013

D. September 1, 2013


#100 Which of the DEA Schedules contains highly addictive drugs that have no accepted medical use ?

A. DEA Sch V



D. DEA Sch I


#101 Which of the following NSAID drugs is classified as a COX-2 Inhibitor:

A. Nabumetone

B. Naproxen

C. Celecoxib

D. Ibuprofen


#102 Which FDA drug recall class is for product problems that are not likely to cause adverse health consequences, but may not be following FDA regulations. (ex. incorrectly sealed packaging)

A. Class I

B. Class II

C. Class III

D. Class IV FDA recall definitions


#103 The wholesale cost of #30 drug 'E' is $47.66. Your pharmacy charges a 12% mark-up and a flat $6.50 dispensing fee. How much will the patient be charged for this prescription?

A. $52.60

B. $62.36

C. $59.88

D. $57.48


#104 Which of the following drugs is prescribed for depression:

A. Tadalafil

B. Hydrocodone

C. Zolpidem

D. Duloxetine Top 200 drugs


#105 In the U.S., Methylphenidate is a DEA Sch. II drug. What is the maximum number of refills allowed on a prescription order for it.

A. Eleven

B. Five

C. One

D. Zero Prescription refills


#106 The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 was enacted to regulate OTC sales of:

A. Pseudoephedrine

B. Nepeta Cataria

C. Crystal Meth

D. Dextromethorphan


#107 Which of the following routes of administration would likely be used by a patient taking Nitroglycerin for a sudden angina (chest pain) occurrence:

A. Rectal suppository

B. Intravenous

C. Sub-lingual

D. Trans-dermal patch Routes of administration ________________________________________

#108 Which of the following quantities would be correct for this formula: betamethasone 0.1% ketoconazole 2% hydrocortisone 0.5% 1:2:1, Mitte 60 g

A. 15g of ketoconazole

B. 30g of betamethasone

C. 30g of hydrocortisone

D. 30g of ketoconazole


#109 Drug 'Y' has a cost of $1.33 per 500mg tab. Your pharmacy charges 40% markup + $6.50 disp. fee. There is a local sales tax of 7.75%. Prescription drug orders are statutorily exempt from tax. The register system just went down and a customer is picking up a prescription of 30 tabs of drug 'Y' and a new pill organizer box, which is on clearance for $2.99. They are paying cash and have no insurance. What is their grand total?

A. $65.58

B. $67.20

C. $70.41

D. $69.35


#110 Which of the following auxiliary labels would you use on this prescription: i-ii gtts os t.i.d. prn

A. For the eye

B. Take with food

C. Avoid alcohol

D. For the ear Abbreviations


#111 Which of the following hypodermic needles has the smallest nominal outer diameter?

A. 16 Gauge

B. 28 Gauge

C. 14 Gauge

D. 24 Gauge


#112 Phentermine is a drug which is approved by the FDA to be prescribed as an appetite suppressant. It is also classified as a controlled substance. Which Drug Enforcement Agency Schedule is Phentermine listed in?

A. DEA Sch. II


C. DEA Sch. IV

D. DEA Sch. V DEA schedules


#113 Of the following, which medication would most likely be prescribed to increase blood coagulation:

A. Hydrochlorathiazide

B. Vitamin K

C. Clopidogrel

D. Warfarin


#114 A prescription is presented for 180 grams of a 7.5% ointment. Your pharmacy has 10% and 2% strengths. Which of the following formulas could be used to compound this order:

A. 47.25g of 10% + 131.75g of 2%

B. 50g of 2% + 130g of 10%

C. 123.75g of 10% + 56.25g of 2%

D. 130g of 10% + 50g of 2% Alligation math


#115 It is 0900 and your hospital pharmacy receives an order for amoxicillin 500mg stat and then q6h. If your hospital only stocks 250mg capsules and the unit dose carts are exchanged at 1600, how many capsules will you send out now?

A. 4 capsules

B. 2 capsules

C. 6 capsules

D. 8 capsules


#116 Which of the following drugs have common side effects that include nausea and vomiting, excessive growth of body hair and gum tissue, ataxia and sedation?

A. Diazepam

B. Amoxicillin

C. Allopurinol

D. Phenytoin


#117 Which of the following concentration strengths is the most concentrated?

A. 1:100

B. 1:250

C. 1:500

D. 1:1000


#118 To re-certify, the PTCB requires a minimum of 20 contact hours of qualified continuing education in pharmacy-related topics every two years. At least one of the twenty hours must be in ___________.

A. Addiction/Recovery

B. Customer service

C. IPledge

D. Pharmacy law


#119 A patient is to receive 150mL IV in a 3 hour period. If the drop factor is 60, at what rate should the IV run?

A. 40 drops/min

B. 30 drops/min

C. 50 drops/min

D. 60 drops/min IV infusion math


#120 Ibandronate is used to prevent and treat osteoporosis, which is a disease that causes ________.

A. Arthritis

B. Bone loss

C. Vision loss

D. Incontinence


#121 Rosiglitazone is used to treat:

A. High blood pressure

B. Diabetes

C. Migraine headaches

D. Dementia


#122 Your retail pharmacy uses the following sliding scale to determine the selling price of prescription orders. Wholesale Cost Markup % Dispensing Fee $0.01 - 5.00 55 $5.00 $5.01 - 15.00 50 $5.75 $15.01 - 30.00 45 $6.25 $30.01 - 50.00 40 $6.50 $50.01 - 100.00 35 $6.75 $100.01 + 30 $7.50 Drug Wholesale Cost (per 1000) Z $570.00 L $1,320.00 Q $1,120.00 Y $160.00 P $840.00 G $3,120.00 A cash paying customer is picking up two prescription orders. The first is 30 tabs of drug "P". The second is 90 caps of drug "L". What will the total be for both of these orders?

A. $161.94

B. $178.43

C. $197.66

D. $204.73


#123 Lipid lowering drugs are given to patients when dietary measures have failed. Which of the following drugs would not be prescribed to lower lipids?

A. Clopidogrel

B. Ezetimibe

C. Fenofibrate

D. Atorvastatin Top 200 drugs


#124 Your hospital pharmacy receives an order for propranolol 30mg tid. You only carry 10mg tablets, how many tablets will be required for each dose?

A. 9 tablets

B. 3 tablets

C. 6 tablets

D. 12 tablets


#125 Cyanocobalamin is also know as:

A. vitamin B1

B. vitamin B6

C. vitamin B12

D. vitamin B


#126 Terazosin belongs to a group of drugs known as alpha-blockers and is used to treat:

A. Hypertension

B. Urinary disorders

C. Cluster headaches

D. Both A and B Drug class definitions


#127 For the prescription: i tab hs prn which of the following is true:

A. To be taken after a meal.

B. Take only one capsule

C. Take at bedtime

D. To be taken before a meal. Abbreviations ________________________________________

#128 Which of the following Federal acts was enacted in 1990 and established new standards governing pharmacist / patient counseling.

A. The Riot Act (TRO90)

B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

C. The Patriot Act (TPA)

D. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) Federal acts ________________________________________

#129 Which of the following Federal acts enacted in 1996 was designed to provide privacy standards to protect patients' medical records and other health information.

A. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

C. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA)

D. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) Federal acts ________________________________________

#130 Obstruction of the blood supply to the heart resulting in destruction or necrosis of the heart muscle cells is known as :

A. Aortic aneurysm

B. Stroke

C. Myocardial infarction

D. Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)


#131 Which of the following diseases is due to a loss of bone density?

A. Narcolepsy

B. Progeria

C. Osteoporosis

D. Osteoarthritis


#132 Which of the following Systolic/Diastolic blood pressure readings would be considered normal for an adult in their thirties?

A. 120 / 70

B. 70 / 40

C. 140 / 90

D. 150 / 80


#133 Which of the following bacterias invade and cause inflammation in the stomach leading to ulcers and possibly stomach cancer.

A. Tinea coropis

B. Fibrobacter pylori

C. Helicobacter pylori

D. Tinea Pedis


#134 Which of the following drugs would be prescribed to a patient with C.O.P.D.?

A. Esomeprazole

B. Tiotropium

C. Tadalifil

D. Irbesartan Top 200 drugs


#135 How many capsules would be needed to fill an order with the following sig. iii cap po hs x10d ii cap po hs x7d i cap po hs x7d

A. 32

B. 44

C. 51

D. None of the above


#136 In the US, the highest volume dispensed prescription during the past three years was Hydrocode/APAP. Abbott laboratories markets Hydrocode/APAP as 'Vicodin®'. Which DEA Sch. is this drug in?

A. Sch. II

B. Sch III

C. Sch. IV

D. DEA Legend Drugs Top 200 drugs - Vicodin ________________________________________

#137 Which of the following routes of administration would not bypass the digestive system?

A. Transdermal Patch

B. Subcutaneous

C. Naso-Gastric

D. Epidural Routes of administration


#138 A patient at your hospital is 44 years old, weights 198lbs. and has pertussis. She is prescribed a suspension of drug "J" q4h. The recommended dose for drug "J" is 2.5mg/kg. How many mg will be needed for one dose?

A. 225mg

B. 350mg

C. 495mg

D. 500mg Dosage calculations


#139 How much NaCl is contained in one liter of NS?

A. 0.90 grams

B. 0.09 grams

C. 9.00 grams

D. 90.0 grams


#140 Which of the following temperatures listed is the coldest?

A. 32 degrees Fahrenheit

B. 0 degrees Celsius

C. 30 degrees Fahrenheit

D. -2 degrees Celsius Temperature conversions ________________________________________

#141 At your hospital, the cart exchange happens daily at 1700. At 0900 a pediatric patient is prescribed: Drug "K" , 250mg, Q6H, oral suspension. Drug "K" contains 25mg/5mL. How much will be needed for each dose?

A. 25mL

B. 50mL

C. 100mL

D. 150mL


#142 You receive an order for: 3% ointment "H". Your pharmacy stocks 5% and 1% strength ointment "H". Mow much of each will you use to compound this order?

A. 40% of 5% + 60% of 1%

B. 50% of 5% + 50% of 1%

C. 60% of 1% + 40% of 5%

D. 70% of 1% + 30% of 5% Alligation math


#143 In a large hospital, which of the following entities would determine and approve of the proper formulary for the institutions pharmacy.

A. Pharmaceutical Representatives

B. The Joint Commission (JCAHO)

C. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T)

D. State Board of Pharmacy (BOP)


#144 Normal Saline (NS) contains 0.9% NaCL, which is the same salt concentration as the normal cells of the body. In work areas, NS is commonly used in emergency eye wash stations. Which federal bureau requires eyewash stations in pharmacy work areas?

A. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

B. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

C. Federal Board of Pharmacy (FBOP)

D. Office of the Surgeon General (OSG)


#145 Your pharmacy orders solution "F" in a 6oz. bottle of concentrate from a supplier. One bottle can be used to compound six 12oz. bottles of 2% solution. What strength are the 6oz. bottles the supplier delivers?

A. 24%

B. 18%

C. 30%

D. 12%


#146 A patient is on an IV drip of Drug "S". The infusion started at 1300, and it's currently 1600. The administration set is calibrated to deliver 10gtt/ml and the restricting device is set to 12gtt/min. How much Drug "S' has the patient received?

A. 124mL

B. 360mL

C. 216mL

D. 420mL IV Infusion Math


#147 For a prescription order with the sig: IV gtts AD BID prn which of the following auxiliary labels would be appropriate?

A. For external use only.

B. For the ear.

C. For the eye.

D. For rectal use only. Abbreviations


#148 On Jan 30, 2012 at your long term care pharmacy, you are asked to repackage Drug "G" into 28 cap unit dose bubble packs. Drug "G" is in DEA Schedule II, and the unopened bulk container has an expiration date of 03/2014. What expiration date will you label the unit dose packs?

A. 02/28/13

B. 03/2014

C. 07/30/12

D. 01/30/13 Read the actual law here


#149 According to the DEA, after the initial inventory of controlled substances a biennial physical inventory of controlled substances must be done. What does biennial mean?

A. Once a year.

B. Twice a year.

C. Every two years.

D. Every two months. Read the actual law here ________________________________________

#150 Known in US popular culture as "vitamin R", Methylphenidate is a psycho-stimulant drug prescribed for ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. Which DEA Sch. is Methylphenidate listed in?

A. Sch. II

B. Sch. III

C. Sch. IV

D. None of the above. Top 200 drugs


#151 Lidocaine 5% is dissolved into D7.5W and is used parenterally for Spinal Anesthesia. Which of the formulas listed below could be used to prepare 500mL of D7.5W.

A. 200mL D10W + 300mL SWFI

B. 250mL D10W + 250mL SWFI

C. 325mL D10W + 175mL SWFI

D. 375mL D10W + 125mL SWFI How to do this one: ________________________________________

#152 In the US, The Drug Listing Act of 1972 requires drug manufacturers to issue a unique 10 or 11 digit product identification number to each drug manufactured, prepared, propagated, compounded, or processed for commercial distribution. This identification number is called:

A. Pharmacopeia Mnemonic Code (PMC)

B. Orange Book Code (OBC)

C. National Drug Code (NDC)

D. Red Book Code (RBC)


#153 For the following prescription: Amoxil® oral suspension 200 mg/5 mL sig. ii tsp t.i.d. x10d How much would need to be dispensed.

A. 150mL

B. 900mL

C. 500mL

D. 300mL


#154 Which of the following is done by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)?

A. Enforcing the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

B. Issuing DEA numbers to Pharmacists.

C. Approving new Narcotic drugs for the US Market.

D. All of the above.


#155 A prescription for Valsartan is $88 for a 30-day supply. If the customer is charged $20, and the pharmacy bills their health plan for $68, the part that the customer paid is called what?

A. Co-Insurance

B. Co-Pay

C. Discount Price

D. Part D


#156 To make space in the pharmacy, you've been asked to consolidate 3 bottles of solution "F", then label the resulting mixture. Bottle #1 is 10oz of 30% Bottle #2 is 8oz of 50% Bottle #3 is 20oz of 60% What will your Label Say?

A. Solution F 44%

B. Solution F 50%

C. Solution F 38%

D. Solution F 54%


#157 Of the following, which would your pharmacy need an original DEA form 222 to order?

A. DEA Sch II Drugs

B. DEA Sch III Drugs

C. DEA Sch IV Drugs

D. All of the above.


#158 LITHOBID® is a brand name of Lithium carbonate, which is prescribed to treat and prevent episodes of mania, bi-polar and other disorders. Based on it's brand name, what dosage instructions are usually recommended?

A. Take at bedtime.

B. Take twice daily.

C. Take before dinner.

D. Take three times daily.


#159 Eight primary Roman Numerals are widely used in science and pharmacy. What is the Roman Numeral for Zero?

A. L


C. X

D. None of the above. Roman numerals


#160 Of the following drugs, which would be the most dangerous to take after its expiration?

A. Colchicine (Anti-gout)

B. Propranolol (Beta-blocker)

C. Doxycycline (Antibiotic)

D. Sildenafil (Erectile dysfunction)


#161 All of the following are anti-diabetic agents except:

A. Byetta®

B. Lyrica®

C. Januvia®

D. Actos®


#162 Your retail pharmacy sells products at: 25% markup over wholesale + a set dispensing fee of $2.85. The total retail cost at pickup for 90 tablets of a particular drug is $119.85. What is your pharmacy's wholesale cost per tablet?

A. $1.04

B. $1.34

C. $30.85

D. $27.36 How to do this one:


#163 From the following directions, determine the number of tablets to be dispensed: 1 tab po qid x 5 days 1 tab po tid x 5 days 1 tab po bid x 5 days ss tab po qd x 5 days

A. 46

B. 47.5

C. 45

D. 44.5


#164 Hospitals or managed health-care organizations list drugs that have been approved for use on the basis of therapeutic and economic considerations. What is the common name of such a list ?

A. Therapeutic drug compendium (TDC)

B. Institutional drug registry (IDR)

C. Approved master drug list (AMDL)

D. Formulary


#165 The drug Avapro® is an antihypertensive / A2RB indicated for hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, and congestive heart failure. What is the generic name for Avapro®?

A. Valsartan

B. Lowsartan

C. Irbesartan

D. Locosartan Top 200 drugs


#166 Three separate drugs are required to make a 3:5:7 450g ointment. How much of each drug is needed, respectively?

A. 70g; 140g; 240g

B. 90g; 150g; 210g

C. 100g; 100g; 250g

D. 150g; 150g; 150g


#167 How many milliliters of a 1:2000 Drug "I" solution and a 7% Drug "I" solution mixed would make 120ml of a 3.5% solution of drug "I"?

A. 54.6mL of 7% + 65.4mL of 1:2000

B. 59.6mL of 7% + 60.4mL of 1:2000

C. 20.0mL of 7% + 100 mL of 1:2000

D. 65.4mL of 7% + 54.2mL of 1:2000 How to do this one ________________________________________

#168 Which DEA form is used to report the theft or loss of controlled substances?

A. DEA Form 69

B. DEA Form 224b

C. DEA Form 41

D. DEA Form 106


#169 To be in compliance with the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, an individual's purchase of pseudoephedrine must be limited to ________ in a 24 hour period.

A. 3.6g

B. 7.5g

C. 9g

D. none of the above


#170 What is the full price of 90 tablets of "Drug Y", assuming your cost for 500 tablets is $425.00 with a 28% markup and a dispensing fee of $4.85 ?

A. $97.92

B. $116.50

C. $102.77

D. $81.35


#171 OxyIR® is a Schedule II opioid analgesic. The generic name for OxyIR® is:

A. Oxycodone

B. Oxybutyin

C. Oxiconazole

D. Oxytocin


#172 An IV has been ordered to run at 10 drops/min. It contains 450mg of a particular drug in a total of 1000mL. How many mg of of the drug will the patient received per hour if the set is calibrated to delivered 60 drops/mL?

A. 10mg/hr

B. 14.5mg/hr

C. 4.5mg/hr

D. 600mg/hr IV Infusion calculations


#173 The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Which of the following represents the pH of normal blood plasma?

A. 8.4

B. 7.4

C. 3.4

D. 1.4


#174 The rate at which inventory is Ordered / Used / Re-Ordered is called:

A. Point of sale (POS)

B. Turnover

C. Order Rate

D. Mini/Maxi Stock level


#175 A prescription for an antibiotic has the directions, "ii gtt AU q.i.d." What auxiliary label should be affixed to the prescription container?

A. Take With Food

B. For the Eye

C. For Rectal Use

D. For the Ear Abbreviations


#176 How many days will the following prescription last? Fluoxetine Hcl 20mg #120 Sig: 2 po BID

A. 28 days

B. 30 days

C. 32 days

D. 34 days Abbreviations


#177 A prescription calls for: Vasotec® 7.5mg PO bid x 30 days You have 5-mg tablets in stock. How many tablets will it take to fill the prescription?

A. 150 tablets

B. 75 tablets

C. 90 tablets

D. 60 tablets


#178 Which of the following is not an Antihistamine ?

A. Cetirizine

B. Atomoxetine

C. Fexofenadine

D. Hydroxyzine Top 200 drugs


#179 The commonly accepted average internal core body temperature for healthy human beings is 98.6 °F. What is the equivalence in Celsius (°C) ?

A. 122.4 °C

B. 37.0 °C

C. 169.7 °C

D. 83.9 °C Temperature conversions


#180 An infusion of 1.5% Drug "P" in D5W in a 1.5L bag was started at 2200. At 0800, there is still 900mL left. The infusion set is calibrated to 15gtt/mL. What was the flow rate set to?

A. 10gtt/min

B. 12gtt/min

C. 15gtt/min

D. None of the above IV Infusion Calculations ________________________________________

#181 At your hospital pharmacy, part of the technician's duties are to facilitate medical waste pick-up. The company that retrieves it charges $2.75 per kg and a flat handling fee of $4.50 per bag. What is the final charge for two bags of waste totaling 121 lbs?

A. $ 63.70

B. $341.75

C. $160.25

D. $184.35


#182 Which of the following pharmacy inventory systems subtracts or adds products when they are dispensed or received?

A. Manual Entry

B. Standardized

C. Systematic

D. Perpeptual


#183 What is the generic name for Lantus® insulin?

A. Insulin glargine

B. Insulin lispro

C. Insulin detemir

D. Insulin aspart Top 200 drugs


#184 An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas is called:

A. Type 2 diabetes

B. Gestational diabetes

C. Pre diabetes

D. Type 1 diabetes


#185 The directions for a prescription read: one teaspoonful qid for 10 days. How many millilitres are required for dispensing this prescription?

A. 100mL

B. 50mL

C. 20mL

D. 200mL


#186 250mg of Tetracycline has been ordered qid. How many grams will have been taken after 8 days?

A. 8000

B. 8

C. 2000

D. 32


#187 The patient in room 212b has been prescribed Drug "W" 15mg/kg BID. Drug "W" comes in a 500mg/5mL concentration. The patient is 6'3" tall and weights 220 Lbs. How many mL would be needed for each dose?

A. 25mL

B. 15mL

C. 33mL

D. 30mL


#188 Tiotropium is an anticholinergic drug. As such, which of the following disorders it Tiotropium indicated for?

A. Crohn's Disease

B. C.O.P.D.

C. Chartreuse Fever

D. Cholera


#189 In a pharmacy, when products are placed to the front of a shelf/bin ahead of others that have a longer expiration date it is referred to as:

A. Stale dating

B. Stock dating

C. Stock rotation

D. Expiration prevention


#190 Dr. Nguyen has ordered: 500cc of Solution "E" in 30% strength After reviewing your stock, you find 1000cc of 10% and some 75% Solution "E". How many cc's of the 75% will you need to compound the order? (round to the nearest whole integer)

A. 154cc

B. 234cc

C. 121cc

D. 360cc How to do this one:


#191 If 120ml of 20% Povidone Iodine solution is diluted up to 480cc with 0.9% sodium chloride, what would be the final concentration of Povidone-Iodine of the solution?

A. 2.5%

B. 5.0%

C. 7.5%

D. 10.0% Hint: (Highlight the box to see) Diluting with the 0.9 sodium chloride is just like diluting with water


#192 The physician orders an IV infusion of D5W to run at 60mL/hr with a drop factor of 15gtts/mL for 24 hours. How many 1L bags of D5W will be required for this infusion?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four


#193 The drug manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis markets a drug named Ambien®. The generic name for the drug is Zolpidem Tartrate. What is this drug indicated for?

A. Fibromyalgia

B. Hypertension

C. Anxiety

D. Insomnia Top 200 drugs


#194 Parkinson's disease is a disorder within the brain. It can effect one or both sides of the body, and is commonly treated with medications called dopamine agonists. Which of the following drugs is a dopamine agonist?

A. Risperidone

B. Tizanidine

C. Ropinirole

D. Pantoprazole Top 200 drugs


#195 You've been asked to draft a re-order for the supplier, and find just 1 bottle on hand of Prozac® 20 mg. If the min/max inventory level for Prozac® 20 mg is 6/12, what is the desired re-order quantity?

A. 5 bottles

B. 6 bottles

C. 11 bottles

D. 12 bottles


#196 Your specialty pharmacy uses the following charts to determine patient billing. In addition, a flat dispensing fee of $4.75 per fill is charged on every individual order. DRUG STRENGTH NDC# Fluoxetine 10mg. 0378-4210-01 Fluoxetine 20mg. 0378-4220-01 Fluoxetine 40mg. 0378-4350-93 Naproxen 250mg. 0378-0377-01 Naproxen 375mg. 0378-0555-01 Naproxen 500mg. 0378-0451-01 Ropinirole 1mg. 0378-5501-01 Ropinirole 2mg. 0378-5502-01 Ropinirole 3mg. 0378-5503-01 Ropinirole 4mg. 0378-5501-01 NDC NUMBER WHOLESALE Per 500 Markup % 0378-0377-01 $84.91 35 0378-0451-01 $92.44 35 0378-0555-01 $89.59 35 0378-4210-01 $362.21 35 0378-4220-01 $385.69 35 0378-4350-93 $399.25 35 0378-5501-01 $256.35 35 0378-5502-01 $279.56 35 0378-5503-01 $292.56 35 0378-5504-01 $312.57 35 Determine final combined billing for these 3 orders. ORDER #1 Ropinirole 2mg #30 sig. 1 tab qd ORDER #2 Fluoxetine 20mg #90 sig. 1 cap qd ORDER #3 Naproxen 375mg #90 sig. 1-2 tab qd prn

A. 116.55

B. 138.14

C. 152.39

D. 207.17


#197 Which of the following drugs is not indicated for the treatment and suppression of Genital Herpes and/or Herpes Zoster (shingles)?

A. Neocyclovir

B. Famcyclovir

C. Acyclovir

D. Valacyclovir


#198 Which administration route is used to inject a medication into the layer of fatty tissue under the skin?

A. Subcutaneous

B. Otic

C. Intravenous

D. Intramuscular


#199 Mrs. Dumbrodski is a regular at your pharmacy. Today she's complaining about insomnia and asks you what kind of product to try to help it. Which of the following would you recommend?

A. Advil PM®

B. Lunesta®

C. Unisom®

D. None of the above


#200 The cart exchange at your hospital facility is at 10 a.m. At 2 p.m. the pharmacy receives an order for Drug "H" 200mg po q6h. How many dosages will you send out for today?

A. One dose

B. Two doses

C. Three doses

D. Four doses


#201 In the U.S., GlaxoSmithKline markets a drug which goes by the brand name Zofran®. Which of the following conditions is Zofran® indicated for?

A. Depression

B. Nausea/Vomitting

C. Insomnia

D. Spasmodic Dysphonia


#202 Vitamin C has several positive attributes and uses. Which of the following statements about Vitamin C is untrue?

A. Vitamin C helps improve the immune system.

B. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron.

C. Vitamin C cures the common cold.

D. A deficiency of Vitamin C causes scurvy.


#203 Which of the following drugs is indicated to treat hyperuricemia (gout) ?

A. Oxybutynin

B. Ropinirole

C. Colchicine

D. Diclofenac Top 200 drugs


#204 An order requires 800mL of 1.5% drug 'AA' solution. The Pharmacy stocks 15ml ampules of 80% drug 'AA' solution. You'll dilute the stock solution with D5NS. How ampules of the 80% solution will you need to open?

A. ONE (1)

B. TWO (2)

C. THREE (3)

D. FOUR (4)


#205 The drug Valacyclovir has the suffix 'vir'. Drugs with this suffix in their generic name are usually __________.

A. Anti-biotics

B. Beta Blockers

C. Laxatives

D. Anti-virals


#206 How many grams of 2.5% "H" cream should be mixed with 360 grams of 0.25% "H" cream to make a 1% "H" cream?

A. 500 grams

B. 360 grams

C. 180 grams

D. 120 grams How to do this one


#207 The Pharmacist hands you a 1.5L bottle of a 20% solution and asks that you mix it with sterile water to make as much 12% solution as possible. How much Sterile water will you use?

A. 750mL

B. 675mL

C. 1.0L

D. None of the above


#208 A Pharmacy Technician has been given 100ml of a 25% solution and been asked to dilute the solution to 500ml with sterile water and to label the solution. What percentage should appear on the label?

A. 20%

B. 12.5%

C. 5.0%

D. 2.5%


#209 Agiotension converting enzyme inhibitors are used to reduce blood pressure. Which of the following drugs are ACE inhibitors?

A. Captopril, Ramipril and Irbesartan

B. Enalapril, Lisinopril and Fosinopril

C. Benazepril, Ramipril and Donepezil

D. Telmisartan, Valsartan and Candesartan


#210 A large batch of ointment needs to be compounded. Calculate the number of grams of active ingredient needed to prepare 5kg of 1:10 ointment.

A. 0.5g

B. 5,000g

C. 50g

D. 500g


#211 Zolpidem is a DEA controlled drug which is indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia characterized by difficulties with sleep initiation. How many refills (if authorized by a Dr.) may be ordered on a prescription for Zolpidem?

A. 1 refill only

B. up to 5 refills

C. up to 11 refills

D. No Refills


#212 An order arrives for 600mL of 10% Solution W. Your stock has 20% and 5% solution W. What ratio of 20% and 5% would be used to mix this order?

A. 2:1 ratio (400mL 20% + 200mL 5%)

B. 3:1 ratio (450mL 20% + 150mL 5%)

C. 1:3 ratio (150mL 20% + 450mL 5%)

D. 1:2 ratio (200mL 20% + 400mL 5%)


#213 Calcium Channel Blockers are primarily used to decrease blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Out of the drugs listed below, which is not a calcium channel blocker?

A. Diltiazem

B. Verapamil

C. Memantine

D. Amlodipine Top 200 drugs


#214 The generic name for the drug Advil® is Ibuprofen. What is this drug classified as?

A. Muscle Relaxer

B. N.S.A.I.D.

C. Anesthetic

D. S.S.R.I. Top 200 drugs


#215 If 50 capsules of Amoxicillin 500mg is used to make 2.5L of a solution, what is the resulting strength?

A. 10%

B. 5%

C. 1%

D. None of the above


#216 Of the following, what size of bottle will you use to dispense 15 oz of medication?

A. 100 mL

B. 250 mL

C. 500 mL

D. 1 L


#217 Methylprednisolone is available in 1 g vials, with instructions to add 15.6 mL of sterile water to the vial to obtain a total volume of 16 mL. How many mL will be required for a 875mg dose if the dose is added to 50 mL of D5W.

A. 1.1 mL

B. 0.8 mL

C. 14 mL

D. 16 mL


#218 Which drug is used to restore or maintain a normal heart rhythm?

A. Furosemide

B. Nitroglycerin

C. Amoxicillin

D. Digoxin


#219 A pharmacy tech has combined some 20% ointment "H" with 80% ointment "H". The mixture of them has created 1g of 50% ointment "H". How many mg of the 80% ointment 'H" was used?

A. 125mg

B. 250mg

C. 500mg

D. 750mg


#220 Which of the following needles has the largest bore size?

A. 18 gauge 1-1/2 inch

B. 27 gauge 1-inch

C. 22 gauge 1-3/4-inch

D. 25 gauge 5/8-inch


#221 Which of the following classes of antibiotics does gentamicin belong to?

A. Aminoglycosides

B. Cephalosporins

C. Floroquinolones

D. Macrolides


#222 Cefaclor is a cephalosporin antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. A physician has ordered: Cefaclor 450mg tid. The drug is available as a 7.5% suspension. What volume should be given for each dose?

A. 15mL

B. 12mL

C. 8mL

D. 6mL


#223 The Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 requires locking caps on most prescriptions. If a customer requests a non-locking cap on a drug not exempt from the act, what is required?

A. Approval from the patients Doctor

B. Approval from the Pharmacist on duty

C. The patients signature

D. All of the above


#224 How much 75% ethanol is needed to make 300ml of 30% ethanol?

A. 80mL

B. 120mL

C. 180mL

D. 240mL


#225 Everyday pharmacy operations are regulated by various State and Federal laws. Of the following, which agency issues and monitors licenses for pharmacy technicians?

A. Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)

B. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

C. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

D. State Board of Pharmacy (BOP)


#226 A vial contains 2g of an oral antibiotic in powder form. The medication must be reconstituted to 200mg/tsp for a patient. How much diluent must be added?

A. 200mL

B. 100mL

C. 50mL

D. None of the above


#227 You need to prepare a Heparin IV bag of 25,000 units in D5W 500mL. Your pharmacy usually uses 2.5mL of 10,000iu/mL to make these bags, but the only available strength of Heparin in your pharmacy is 10,000iu/10mL. What volume of Heparin needs to be added to the IV bag?

A. 10mL

B. 15mL

C. 25mL

D. 50mL


#228 The Dr. Has ordered to add 5g of a Drug "V" to 1L NS. and infuse at a rate of 500mg/hour. The device delivers 15 gtt/ml. how many gtt/min. will the device need to be set to?

A. 16gtt/min

B. 25gtt/min

C. 37gtt/min

D. None of the above


#229 A patient is ordered to receive an infusion of D5NS over several hours. D5NS contains 5gm of dextrose and 900mg of NaCl per 100mL. How many 1L bags are required if the infusion is to run at 70mL/hr from 1400 until 0600?

A. 4 Bags

B. 3 Bags

C. 2 Bags

D. 1 Bag


#230 Which of the following drugs, when prescribed in the US, may not have any refills on the same script?

A. Xanax®

B. Ativan®

C. Percocet®

D. Vicodin®


#231 If 60 grams of 1% Ointment "L" is mixed with 80 grams of 2.5% Ointment "L", what is the % of Ointment "L" in final mixture?

A. 2.14%

B. 1.86%

C. 1.73%

D. 1.25%


#232 The advantage of using a biological safety cabinet with vertical air flow for the preparation of antineoplastic drugs is:

A. The zone of turbulence created behind an object is minimized.

B. The risk of reflected contamination from the operator's body or "backwash" is reduced.

C. The operator is protected from exposure to radiation by a lead shield.

D. Contaminated air is not blown on the operator and into the room.


#233 Which of the following federal acts requires retail pharmacies to provide easy wheelchair access to disabled employees and customers?

A. Patriot Act of 2001 (PA01)

B. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA)

C. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)

D. Kefauver-Harris Amendment of 1962


#234 What quantity of 95% alcohol is needed to prepare 8L of 70% v/v alcohol?

A. 63.2 mL

B. 589.5 mL

C. 10,857mL

D. 5894.7 mL


#235 A patient needs IV infusion of 0.9% NaCl. You have water for injection and 4.5%w/v stock solution of NaCl. There are no displacement volume effects. How much of the 4.5% w/v needs to be added to a 1L WFI bag to produce the desired concentration?

A. 700mL

B. 250mL

C. 350mL

D. 500mL


#236 Which of the following organizations has 54 members, made up primarily of all of the Boards of Pharmacy in the United States and it's territories?

A. United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

B. National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

C. The Joint Commission (TJC)

D. National State Pharmacy Association (NSPA) ________________________________________

#237 Which of the following forms is required for a pharmacy to order a DEA Sch. III drug (ie. Vicodin®) ?

A. Dea form 444

B. Dea form 69

C. Dea form 222

D. None of the above


#238 Which of the following U.S. federal agencies requires manufacturers of chemicals to provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to Pharmacies?

A. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

B. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

C. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

D. Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR)


#239 When necessary, the FDA will recall a drug from the market. From the following which type of recall is not likely to cause adverse health consequences, but has violated some FDA regulation?

A. Class I

B. Class II

C. Class III

D. Class IV


#240 Which of the following federal agencies is responsible for evaluating and approving a new drug that may be approved for the US market?

A. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

B. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

C. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

D. Department of Drug Approval (DDA)


#241 Which of the following drugs should be taken on an empty stomach?

A. Naproxen

B. Levothyroxine

C. Prednisone

D. Nitrofurantoin


#242 Which auxiliary label should be applied to a prescription for: Amoxicillin 250mg/5mL suspension?

A. Shake well before using

B. Take with food

C. Avoid exposure to sunlight

D. All of the above


#243 On Saturday night, Dr. DeDrogas telephoned in an emergency prescription of Oxycontin® for a patient. Three tablets were dispensed. How long does DrDrogas have to present a written prescription for this order?

A. 48 hours

B. 72 hours

C. 7 days

D. Sch. II orders cannot be telephoned. Review the law on this Page


#244 You need to use 3 solutions of drug "H" containing respectively 50%, 20% and 5% to make 600mL of 10% drug "H". which of the following amounts of the 50% could you use?

A. 95mL

B. 70mL

C. 50mL

D. None of the above How to do this one With a double alligation.


#245 Vicodin® is a combination of Hydrocodone and APAP. It is prescribed to relieve moderate and severe pain. In the U.S. which of the following DEA Controlled Substance Schedules is Vicodin® in?

A. DEA Sch. II


C. DEA Sch. IV

D. Available over the counter (OTC) Top 100 drug list


#246 The NDC number : 0002-4463-01 is assigned to Cialis® 10mg / BLISTER PACK with 5 Tablets. What does the second segment of numbers represent?

A. Manufacturer / Distributor Code Segment

B. Product Identification Segment

C. Package Form and Size Segment

D. Therapeutic Index Segment


#247 How many grams of glucose would you need to make 500ml of an 8% glucose solution?

A. 400

B. 250

C. 40

D. 25 W/V Concentration Calculations


#248 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has a reporting system to collect data about adverse events and side effects associated with the use of FDA regulated drugs and medical devices. What is this reporting system called?

A. DrugWatch

B. MedWatch

C. RxReporting

D. MedSafe


#249 Bactroban® is used as a topical treatment for bacterial skin infections. Bactroban® ointment contains 2% Mupirocin as the active ingredient. How many mg of Mupirocin are present in a 20 grams of Bactroban® ointment?

A. 100

B. 200

C. 400

D. 2000


#250 Robitussin® AC is an anti-tussive syrup indicated to temporarily control cough due to throat irritation. Each tablespoon of Robitussin® AC (15mL) contains 30mg of Codeine. Which DEA drug schedule is Robitussin AC listed in?

A. DEA Schedule II

B. DEA Schedule III

C. DEA Schedule IV

D. DEA Schedule V


#251 You need to make the following oral rinse solution: KMNO4 1:5000 900mL How many 30mg KMNO4 (potassium permanganate) tablets are needed?

A. TWO (2)

B. SIX (6)

C. EIGHT (8)

D. THREE (3)


#252 At 0911 the Laminar Flow Hood (LFH) is turned on. What time will it be acceptable to use the LFH for compounding?

A. 0956

B. 1011

C. 0941

D. 0921


#253 Oxycontin® is an opiate (narcotic) analgesic which is a timed-release form that gradually releases oxycodone over several hours when taken orally. A prescription is presented from Dr. Darryl Dolt, DDS. for : Oxycontin® 30mg #10. Which of the following DEA numbers would be acceptable for this Rx?

A. DD6125341

B. DA5463241

C. BD5178264

D. Dentists don't have DEA numbers Decoding DEA Numbers


#254 A nurse needs to dose 25mg of a drug. The drug on hand has a concentration of 150mg per ounce. How many teaspoons will he give?

A. Three (3)

B. One (1)

C. Five (5)

D. Two (2)


#255 How many grams of dextrose are contained in a pint of D5NS?

A. 119

B. 96

C. 48

D. 24


#256 Anti-diabetic medications treat diabetes by lowering glucose in the blood-stream. Which of the following drugs is not an Anti-Diabetic?

A. Scopolamine

B. Sitagliptin

C. Pioglitazone

D. Glipizide Top 100 drug list


#257 A physician orders an IV drip of a 1:250 mixture of drug "S" at a rate of 25mL/hr for 16 hours. The infusion device is calibrated to deliver 15gtt/mL. What volume of drug "S" mixture will be needed ?

A. 26.6mL

B. 53.3mL

C. 374mL

D. 400mL


#258 You need to prepare an order for 150mL of solution "V" at 5% strength. In stock you have solution "V" containing 50mg/mL and can ditute it with sterile water for injection (SWFI). How much of the stock solution will you need to complete the order?

A. 13.6mL

B. 75.8mL

C. 127mL

D. 150mL


#259 You need to prepare 900mL of a 10mg/mL solution. Your pharmacy's stock solution is 30mg/mL. How much stock solution will you need?

A. 450mL

B. 600mL

C. 150mL

D. 300mL


#260 Your pharmacy stocks solution 'Q' in an 8oz concentrated bottle. Solution 'Q' is usually ordered in 8%. Consequently, your stock bottles are diluted with 16oz of distilled water to prepare 24oz of 8% solution 'Q' in a 1L glass beaker. What is the concentration of the stock bottle?

A. 16%

B. 24%

C. 32%

D. 12%


#261 In Pharmacy, Normal Saline is commonly abbreviated to the acronym NS. Normal Saline is a concentration of 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl). What is the relative tonicity of NS?

A. Hypotonic

B. Isotonic

C. Hypertonic

D. Nontonic Answer Key (in new window) Answer Key (in this window)


#262 The generic name for the benzodiazepine drug Valium® is Diazepam. Benzodiazepine drugs are typically listed on DEA Sch. IV. What paperwork is required to order Diazepam by a pharmacy from a wholesale supplier.

A. DEA Form 469

B. DEA Form 222

C. DEA Form 0U812

D. None of the above


#263 The brand name for the drug Zolpidem is Ambien®, which is prescribed as a sleep aid. What is the brand name for the benzodiazepine drug Lorazepam?

A. Advair®

B. Coreg®

C. Ativan®

D. Crestor®


#264 How many Liters of 1/2NS solution can be made from 90 grams of NaCl?

A. 4.5

B. 20

C. 37.5

D. None of the above


#265 A small dog has consumed a dangerous amount of APAP. The vet has ordered: Rx acetylcysteine 150mg/kg/STAT. Your stock solution of acetylcysteine is 20%.How many mL will this 13.2lb. dog need for this dose?

A. 4.5mL

B. 10mL

C. 26.4mL

D. None of the above


#266 Which of the following dry mass weights is the heaviest?

A. 3.2 Lbs.

B. 1.5 Kilos

C. 55 Ounces

D. 2500 Grams


#267 Dr. orders a patient to get 24mg / Drug 'F' / STAT. You have a 0.08% solution available. How much medicine must you give?

A. 10mL

B. 30mL

C. 64mL

D. None of the above W/V Concentration Calculations


#268 Rx: Drug K 300mg TID X30D.In stock: 150mg Drug K Tabs.How many tablets to fill this order?

A. 30

B. 60

C. 90

D. 180


#269 Your pharmacy adds a 35% Markup over wholesale on prescription drugs. Additionally, a dispensing fee of $4.82 is charged per order. The wholesale price of drug 'H' is $1620.00 per/1000. Local sales tax is 8.5%. A customer has presented an order for #30 drug 'H'. If they are paying cash, what will their final cost be upon pick-up?

A. $78.25

B. $70.43

C. $76.42

D. None of the above Hint : Prescription Drugs are exempt from Sales Tax.


#270 The initial dose of a drug for an adult is 0.8 mg/kg/hr for 12 hours. How many ml of an IV solution containing 800 mg per 100 ml would be required for a 242lb. male over this 12 hour period?

A. 48mL

B. 69mL

C. 132mL

D. None of the above